Dreamhost/Go Daddy help required

Hello, a kind member of the forums here instructed me on how to point my Go Daddy domain names to dreamhost by changing the name servers to ns1.dreamhost etc. Now that I have done that, I want to make sure I’m doing everything else right with my new dreamhost account.

First of all, do I put my files in the folder labeled with my domain name? I first uploaded a drupal folder outside of that and nothing showed up, so then I put it in the folder with my domain name on it, and well, I at least got an error message.

Now to the error message. Go Daddy did say it could take up to 24 hours for my name servers to be adjusted, so that could be the problem, but I also have an additional question. Upon uploading Drupal and populating phpmyadmin with the mySQL 4.1 database, I got the following message.

“The database type is unsupported. Please use either mysql for MySQL 3.x & 4.0.x databases, mysqli for MySQL 4.1.x+ databases, or pgsql for PostgreSQL databases. The database information is in your settings.php file.”

What version of MySQL does dreamhost use? Have I populated my database with the wrong version or do I just need to be patient as this might be being caused by my Go Daddy name server changes not coming into effect yet.

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Yes, generally speaking. Depending upon the software you are running. you may also need to use other directories (folders), but the directory labeled with your domain name is your “main” web accessible directory.

[quote]Upon uploading Drupal and populating phpmyadmin with the mySQL 4.1 database, I got the following message.

“The database type is unsupported. Please use either mysql for MySQL 3.x & 4.0.x databases, mysqli for MySQL 4.1.x+ databases, or pgsql for PostgreSQL databases. The database information is in your settings.php file.”[/quote]
It’s a little confusing how to interpret the message, not knowing how you “uploaded” Drupal. Did you “install” Drupal, or just move your files from your old host? The answer to that question, and what, if any, changes you made to your settings.php file to facilitate the moving of Drupal between the hosts has a bearing on how to interpret the error. All this assumes that you already created your Dreamhost-based MySQL database to hold the Drupal installation via the Goodies–Manage MySQL screens of the Control Panel; I assume you did that, as you mentioned using phpMyAdmin (and assuming you are using phpMyAdmin on Dreamhost not on GoDaddy).

Dreamhost uses multiple versions of MySQL, depending upon which MySQL server your database is set up. You can tell which version of MySQL you are running by looking at the top of the “left hand” column of the “main content” frame of phpMyAdmin; the Column Title is the MySQL version. Not knowing what your Drupal settings are, or what version of MySQL you are running, or how your 4.2 database was “exported” from your GoDaddy installation, I can’t be sure if that error message actually means you have a version mismatch, or whether it is a “general” error message that could be indicating you have problems in your settings.php file. At the very least, you would have to change your host, user, and password (and possibly your database name) in that file after the move to be able to connect to the database.

If you are able to reach your domain on Dreamhost using your domain name, and you can access your DH database via phpMyAdmin, I don’t see any way the GoDaddy nameserver changes could be relevant. It is more likely that one or more “steps” involved in moving Drupal have not been successfully completed.

Make sure you have reviewed the Dreamhost wiki article on Drupal", as there is considerable information there that, while tailored for “installing” rather than “moving” may be helpful. You might also want to explore a bit on the Drupal support forums for “moving” a Drupal installation - for instance, here is a thread for the Drupal Forum on moving an existing Drupal site to Dreamhost, that seems to have addressed several difficulties and provides additional links (there are probably others as well; I just included this one as an example).

After checking out those links, and/or if you have any further questions or need additional help. there are several people here that run Drupal who can probably help. Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, I suppose I should clarify my situation a little bit more.

I’m not transferring Drupal from Go Daddy, when I tried to run Drupal on their server’s I got dozens of error messages and was told that they disable certain aspects of PHP. So I kept my domain names at Go Daddy, and uploaded/installed/transferred (not sure of the proper term) Drupal from my PC to Dreamhost with ws-ftp.

I have created a Dreamhost based mySQL database, I edited my settings.php file to match the db name and mysql name, along with new password. I also edited the base url to match my domain name/the folder drupal is stored in.

In phpmyadmin I created the tables by loading the database 4.1 mySQL from the drupal database folder into phpmyadmin on Dreamhost.

However, I only changed the nameservers on my Go Daddy domains about 6 hours ago now, and some said, including GO Daddy that it could take many hours to change. However, upon getting the above error message, I wondered if I had just messed something up. I have read through the wiki, that’s how I installed Drupal, but I’ve clearly missed something?

Thanks for the clarification. It helps me understand a lot better what is going on . :slight_smile:

If you are able to get to your database via phpMyAdmin on Dreamhost using your domain name, then your domain is properly resolving to Dreamhost (is no longer pointing to GoDaddy). While it can sometimes take many hours, it often is much less. It also may take longer from one computer to another, depending upon each computer’s routing.

It looks like you might have either missed a step somewhere, or you need to make an adjustment on your installation to facilitate the version of MySQL that is running on your server.

If you didn’t miss any steps, the SQL file you are using to create and populate the tables my be having problems with MySQL 5 (if that is what you are running). A quick Google for Drupal and MySQL 5 indicates a plethora of issues invovled there with the latest versions of Drupal. Did you ever determine which version on MySQL your domain/database is using?


Being a novice with both Drupal and PHP, I hope I’m answering your questions properly here. But anyway, I keep populating the tables with mysql 4.1 although I see that Dreamhost is running mySQL 5. So I guess my database is using 4.1? Over at Go Daddy I believe they were using 4.0, but is that something that is also tied to the domains? I’m a little confused.

Right now I’m not certain if I need to find a drupal mySQL5.0 database or what to fix this? I just went through my settings one more time as well, the only thing I fear I messed up is the htaccess file, but according to the wiki I should have at least gotten the admin logon page, which hasn’t happened yet.

Oh and I’m using Drupal 4.7.4 here as well.

I think you have the right info, and I’m sorry for the “fasle start” with me misunderstanding you situation :wink:

I’m thinking that the mysql 4.1 sql file you are using with phpMyAdmin is creating the problem, as you indicate that your MySQL installatin on Dreamhost is using MySQL 5. The version of MySQL is actually tied to which database server your user’s databases are assigned, rathe than the “domain” (as different domains can be “owned” by different users.)

Given your error message:

I would double check my settings.php file and try setting my my database connectivity section as follows:

Find your database connectivity configuration at line 82, it could be similar to this: $db_url = ‘mysql://user:password@localhost/database’;

Edit that line and make it say “mysqli” instead of “mysql”, like this: $db_url = ‘mysqli://user:password@localhost/database’;

I believe that doing that may well eliminate the error when you try to load the mysql 4.1 (because that what the error message indicates).

If that doesn’t work you could try to find a MySQL5 compatible sql file to load, or write DH tech support and ask them to install your databases on a MySQL 4 server, but I would try this first.

Does that make any sense?


First of all, thank you again, it does make sense and you are helping me narrow down this problem!

After changing the connectivity settings to mysqli I get this error now.

"PHP MySQLi support not enabled

We were unable to use the MySQLi database because the MySQLi extension for PHP is not installed. Check your PHP.ini to see how you can enable it."

Is there something else I need to edit. I’m having no luck tracking down a mySQL 5.0 drupal database file?

OK, I find this to be insane, but I switched it back to mysql again, and for whatever reason, the admin logon page showed up???

Why, or how I have no idea? This is crazy lol.

Thank you again for all your help.

Edit: I just noticed the htaccess file was missing from the server and FTP won’t let me re-upload it. Isn’t that a critical security file? It’s apparent deletion might have led to drupal appearing, but I don’t understand why?

Edit again: Ws_ftp is telling me it uploaded htaccess correctly in the log, maybe its just invisible on the server? Well, the good news is drupal seems to be working still.

That is probably the case. The .htaccess file will not be visible in your FTP client, unless it has been configured to show ‘hidden’ files.


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Ha! go figure on that one. Maybe you “scared it” so much with the mysqli line that it decided to "straighten up and fly right! :wink:

That said, I’m now wondering if part of the confusion might have been getting the PHP and MySQL versions confused, as PHP 5 (5.1.2) on Dreamhost IS compiled with mysqli while PHP 4 (4.4.4) is not (as reported by phpinfo() ).

The error that you got makes me think me think your domain is set up running PHP 4, while your database is set up on MySQL 5. That is the only combination I can think of the accounts for your error messages in each case.

There is nothing wrong with that configuration, but you do have to know both version numbers to install some things properly. Some applications reguire PHP5, while others won’t run properly under it; there are similar considerations with MySQL versions.

If it is not too much trouble, would you mind running a phpinfo* program on your domain and reporting back your PHP version number (it will help sort this for others who may have a similar problem!)?

At any rate, you can’t argue with success, even if the path was a bit rocky. I’m glad you got it running.


*The language has a special function that can retrieve information about a particular installation of itself, and the environment in which it has been installed. This includes information about PHP compilation options and extensions, the PHP version, server information and environment (if compiled as a module), the PHP environment, OS version information, paths, master and local values of configuration options, HTTP headers, and the PHP License. Save the following file with a .php extension, upload the file to a web server, and then view it with a conventional web browser:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

OK, following up here (finally). The PHP info programs shows I’m running this version of PHP -

“PHP Version 4.4.4”

That’s from the header on the page, not sure if you needed any other info to assist people in the future, if so let me know.

Thanks for following up with that information. Now we all know why you got the error message when trying to use MySQLi - it is not compiled into PHP 4 on Dreamhost, only PHP 5 :slight_smile: