Dreamhost FTP capability

The threads “Creating FTP?” and “Add Users” have been super helpful. I’d like to try and fully understand this subject and make sure (as I think I understand) what I want to do is not currently possible on Dreamhost.

The easiest way for me to explain this is to give an example.

For the directory structure I’d like to have a folder that I’ll call “Master Directory”, containing three folders “Vendors”, “Customers”, and “Archives”. In the “Vendor” folder I would like to have folders “Vendor A”, “Vendor B”, and “Vendor C”. In “Customers” folder I would like to have “Customer A”, “Customer B”, and “Customer C”.

For the user structure I would like to have unique logins and user names for each “customer” and each “vendor” that will only give them access to their respective folder and no others (Customer A login directs access to only Customer A folder). And then there would need to be an “administrator” login which would have access to all of these folders, and the only login which would have access to the “archives” folder.

As for permissions, some of these “vendors” and “customers” would need to have different levels of access, some would only need download capability, and others would need download and upload capability.

Am I crazy thinking that I can teach myself how to do this? Is this even possible on Dreamhost? If not, then where would I have to go to do this? Are there other alternatives (the users may not be super technical users)?

You guys are all amazing and I appreciate so much your help and time!!