Dreamhost ftp and "Core FTP Lite"

I am trying to consolidate onto one FTP app - “Core FTP LE”. This works fine for all the FTP sites I have tried, except one hosted by Dreamhost. The basic settings I am using not only work correctly using “FTP Commander”, but were also confirmed OK by the Dreamhost chat response - with one query.

If I use “http://praia.dreamhost.com/” I get “no such host known”.

Following the chat suggestion I tried just “praia.dreamhost.com” and then got “the requested name is valid but no data of the requested type was found”

It works either way with “FTP Commander”

Any clues?

Should you be using HTTP://

I don’t have Core FTP LE so I’m making a guess here, but i suspect you need to just name praia.dreamhost.com as the hostname and don’t specify http as the protocol as ftp is a different protocol. Possibly if a protocol needs to be specified try ftp://praia.dreamhost.com but i doubt it should be http://

Very strange - it now looks like I hit a bad ‘time of day’(?!)

Both the following now work!


Thanks for the suggestion.


i think the problem may have been caused by specifying http:// initially.

you should be using sftp if it’s available. if not, try another client.