Dreamhost + FrontPage=Nightmare

Hi folks!! Long time frontpage user, newer to the dreamhost lifestyle over from Affinity, Inc. (ValueWeb). I came over to dreamhost on a recommendation from a family member and thus far, i have been none to thrilled with dreamhost as a whole.

I have endured almost non-stop server issues (on ouzo-spork i believe) and I am not happy with troubleshooting efforts thus far. My ordeal began back on January 19th of last week when I began making some changes to my frontpage web. As always, i viewed the site locally and made changes on it to save. I was in the process of adding several pages to my navigation structure when WHAMO, FrontPage was hanging endlessly on the client-side. As a long-time frontpage user, i have grown accustomed to issues such as this and decided to have some patience. Well several hours later, still hanging. I decided there must be a problem for which i submitted a trouble ticket. (BTW, they should not state that *all trouble tickets responded to in less than 24 hours-I have had more than three in the buffer that were all well over 24 hours waiting-for three separate issues). Anyways, I contacted support and was issued a rather canned response. I decided to try their callback system in the hopes that some human to human contact would do the trick. They returned my call at around 11PM EST and i could not get to the phone quickly enough. That said, they charged me a callback (without me actually ever speaking to anyone) and I courteously asked to have it recredited to my account seeing that i actually was not able to speak to a human. Anyways, they did some tweaking and my site was back up (even though still having serious problems with editing the navigation structure locally). I was ok with wait and see. Then, this past weekend without any changes initiated on my side, my website lost ALL of its navigation table - i was furious. I wrote them again asking to have someone get back to me ASAP with regards to this most agregious issue. Roughly 32 hours later, someone tried to call me again and I couldnt field the call soon enough. Another message without a return number, and another callback charged to my account. Finally, I was able to have someone contact me within 24 hours and actually SPOKE to this person. He informed me that it was all my fault and that it was client side issues with my particular copy of FrontPage (2002 which i have been successfully using with ValueWeb over the past two years). He had me convinced that this problem was all my fault, until, I looked at my website again and started to notice 100s of pages in MY DIRECTORY that is clearly from other DreamHost member’s websites incorporated into mine…(www.OpenSunday1-4.com) click on About Us…this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are 100s of other files from other members sites residing in my directory! This is simply ridiculous and dreamhost needs to recognize this problem with THEIR SERVERS…you cannot possibly fix a problem that you will not admit existing


hey, atmywitsend

Okay, now that you vented. can you let us know what problem you are seeing on your site…maybe we can help. I know diddly about frontpage, but html, php, etc, I can handle. Maybe myself, or some other user, can help you out. I understand the pangs, and we are all here to help.



thank you very much for your most gracious response. Unfortunately, I received a call from DreamHost this evening and actually was bumped up to a senior network administrator who believes there actually might be a bug with DreamHost’s frontpage server extensions which spells bad news for me. They actually did a fix on their frontpage servers which involved completely deleting my site and re-installing the server extensions to see if this might help. I am going to have to rebuild my site again (since the navigation structure is history) and will have to start from scratch… :frowning:

The main problem that i am having with my site is that frontpage (locally) and the dreamhost server extensions dont seem to want to play nice when it comes to changes in the navigational structure of a website. I never had this problem before and now i am wrist deep init :frowning:


You might think about dumping FrontPage… many people think it’s a nightmare all by itself.

– Dan


While that sounds easy enough, the heart of the problem is that dreamhost claims to be a frontpage provider and since I have moved over to here, I’ve had nothing but problems unfortunately. As a frontpage user for the past several years, I am fully aware of its buggy nature, but, the problems that i have enocountered at Dreamhost are unlike any that i’ve witnessed in the past. Recently, they did admit to me that there could be some problems with their server extensions and that they were going to work to try to fix this issue. Now, it appears they have their hands full with a miriage of other problems (server related) and i have to wonder at this point if i made the right decision by moving my pages to dreamhost :S