DreamHost, FrontPage, and Moveable Type

I have been having problems with uploading to my website ever since the problems DreamHost had in November of last year. I use Frontpage and am on a FrontPage Server. When I try to publish my site, there is a time-out of some kind. I’ve emailed DreamHost support several times and they somehow get it working only for the same thing to happen to me again. This time, they just moved me off of the FrontPage server without even giving me a choice. Am I the only one using FrontPage that is having this problem? I can’t believe that I am the only person using DreamHost and FrontPage. And it kinda pisses me off that they advertise that they support FrontPage when they really don’t.

My second question is with Moveable Type. I was thinking of using Moveable Type on my site. But I was reading the support forums at the Moveable Type site and saw a thread where lots of DreamHost Users were having trouble with the program. This happened in 2/02 and I was wondering if that is still the case or has the problem been fixed.

Joe Rogers.

Hi Joe,

I can’t answer your questions about FrontPage (other than to advise you against using it – here is an excellent list of reasons why: http://www.azc.com/htmls/faqs/fp_questions.html), but I can assure you that Movable Type is entirely compatible with Dreamhost’s services. There are a few small adjustments (very simple) that you will need to make everything perfect, but I have several blogs running on MT (all hosted by Dreamhost), and am very happy.

That said, I suggest that if you run into any problems while installing MT, you head over to their support forums for assistance. Their forums are MUCH more active, and plenty of people who post there are Dreamhost users. :slight_smile: