Dreamhost for large files


Dreamhost’s recent promotion is very tempting for a website serving large files and requiring a fair amount of bandwidth. How suitable is dreamhost for this purpose (for instance, acting as a file host for legal video files of 100mb or more). Is this ok if my main site is hosted elsewhere, and I just point to my dreamhost account for the files? Realistically, if I’m only serving large files could I max out the 1tb offered without using too many cpu minutes? Thank you for your advice.


If your site is VERY active as far as downloads and such are concerned, I don’t think a shared-hosting environment is something you should consider.

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It seems to me like there’s a good chance that things would wokr out for you. Serving files isn’t a big CPU usage thing at all, so if that’s all you doing I’m betting you could make pretty good use of the bandwidth.

There’s the 97 day money back promise, so you could always try it out. Make sure and turn on resource reporting and keep track of how many downloads you get and how much cpu time that takes. Then you should be able to make a fairly educated guess about the usability of dremhost for your situation. If it’s good, stick around - if it’s not going to work out get your money back.



Remember to pay by credit card if you are testing the waters. The 97 day guarantee does not apply to PayPal payments.

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