Dreamhost first? I got Request Tracker running!

After many hours of toil, I finally have Request Tracker up and running on a DreamHost site!


Here’s a brief summary of what I had to do:

Install the perl dependencies in my home directory
Build RT with my PERL5LIB environment variable set to use my custom perl modules
Modify the RT scripts to use lib, since suexec prevents the scripts from using PERL5LIB

I still have to set up procmail to pipe incoming mail to the RT mail gateway. I created a separate shell account for that, but it shouldn’t be so bad (I hope).

Two things that would have made installing RT easier:

  1. If the perl modules were installed/updated
  2. ScriptAlias support

Now here’s the bad news. RT is slooooooooow. I don’t think it can be helped though, since it is running on a shared server after all. Also, because of the lack of script alias support, I am forced to use /rt/mason_handler.cgi/ instead of /rt/.

Well, if anybody is interested, I can post more details about it. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the info.

This would make a good start to a Wiki article if you get time one day hint hint :wink:

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Why don’t you use OS Ticket instead? It’s easier to install and faster I think.

I just created a wiki article with this info. I’m about to attempt it on a Dreamhost PS, as it’s debian etch and I have sudo so hopefully it’ll be fine. If it works I’ll post more info.

For what it’s worth it might also be worth voting for the One-Click install of it here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.sugg&category=_all&search=request%20tracker


For what it’s worth, a necessary prerequisite for any DreamHost one-click install is that the application installs cleanly and runs well on our servers. If RT is “slooooooooow”, chances are that it wouldn’t make a great one-click…

I’ll second that. The fact that it has some annoying email message handling might also be a downside. I’m not entirely sure if it’s my best option here, but I think it’s worth a try for me.