Dreamhost file back up download stops, does it happen to anybody else?


When I try to download the backup from Dreamhost panel, I have one big file of 130MB, the file download stops after the first 30MB or 40MB aprox and I can´t resume the download it must be restarted.

I have contacted DreamHost support and they have been helpful testing it and letting me know that the download works for them, they advised me to do a traceroute, which I have done and it all looks fine, I can see the end of the route and all servers with average pings.

I am going a little nuts here because my Internet seems to work just fine at all other sites, including downloads, I am posting to know if this problem happens to anybody else here.

All logical explanation I can find is that the download stops briefly, for like a second, and because resuming the download it is not possible, everything must be restarted from zero and it stalls again. It has to be either my Internet or Dreamhost server and since this does not happen to me anywhere else I am wondering if anybody else has this problem.

I also want to let Dreamhost know that their back up procedure totally sucks, we need to be able to do this with SFTP or at least downloads must be able to resume if the connection breaks for a second.

Downloading huge files over a URL it is not XXI Century. Of course I keep cloud back ups too but I need a local back up for extra safety.

I might find a way around downloading with SFTP from DreamObjects but this is not how it should work.


For fast incremental backups, I’d recommend using rsync. Here’s DH’s help page:


Thank you for the tip habilis, unfortunately I am stuck with Windows because I am using certain software that only runs in Windows and it would be too time consuming for me to learn how the Linux alternatives to that software work.


DH’s Rsync pages has a section on rsync for Windows, which suggests Delta Copy. I haven’t used it myself, but it appears to have a GUI interface for scheduling rsnyc.

Other options for Windows are Cygwin or Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux. More exotic options are Docker and similar VM systems.

Remember, like the Force, “Unix surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the net together.” :smiley:


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