Dreamhost fails International Users

I live in Taiwan, my customers live in Taiwan and most of the business we do is in Taiwan.

Over the last three weeks - two of our websites have been down for 3 hours every day from around 10am - 1pm Taiwan time.


With the following message:
“Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL”

All support keeps telling me - is it works fine in America - It must be a network. The point is: “Are my customers in America?”

I also know for a fact it does not work in Taiwan. How do I know this? Having been e-mailed by people from Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu - 90% of the population. As well as my bosses from across the Island have emailed me with the same complaints, as well as me msning my friends to check. At first customer support, said it was simply my network, my computer. But I know for a fact this is not true!

So, anyhow after three weeks of this - I am still being given the run around again to do a “tracert”. Which I have sent the results - even though I know for a fact it is not working across Taiwan. Also, how will a tracecert make my sites work in Taiwan?

Now, the funny thing is - other sites I host on dreamhost at Taiwan - work perfectly fine at these times of day. They are on different servers (bugsy.dreamhost.com & bonanno.dreamhost.com, not siegel.dreamhost.com).

And the problems only started when (pan.dreamhost.com) failed, and we were shifted to a new server.

Anyone has a resolution apart from blaming my whole country’s network?



Database errors have nothing to do with International connections (as you’re probably well aware). I think perhaps Support at first viewed your site when there was no problem with the database connection so they didn’t notice a problem with it. I agree a tracert from your local machine is a monumentally stupid way to try and test a server-database problem and could only surmise that the guy who requested you perform one wasn’t fully aware of the DB problem you had been having and thought it was a internet connection issue rather than a local server-db choke.

At the end of the day we’re mostly all just customers here and can’t really help you proactively, but I would suggest you ask Support that the account you’re having problems with be moved onto another server as it is quite likely you have a bad neighbour chewing up the DB connections on that server at times when you require database connectivity the most.

I might point out that I’m an International User too (Australia here) and am very happy with DreamHost.

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