Dreamhost, Eudora and IMAP


Is anyone using Eudora on a Windows based platform to retrieve their Dreamhost mail through IMAP?

I’m having a few issues with Eudora and I’m trying to figure out if it’s the server configuration or my local client. So if you’re using this combination successfully, please let me know.


  • wil

I’m not, but lots of people do… including several of our Tech Support and Sales staff members. What type of problems are you experiencing exactly?

If you use a different client, do you still have the problems?

Are you using SSL? The certs that are currently on the mail machine are probably such that they’ll make Eudora complain a lot.

OK. I’ve now got it to work using Becky! mail. Anyone using Becky! mail here? It’s absolutely fantastic! I am well impressed.

My problem with Eudora was that I entered the path to my IMAP directory in incorrectly. I had completely forgot about case sensitivity.

But, I don’t really mind, as I’ve discovered Becky! for which I am very happy about.

  • wil

I’ve heard good things about Becky! overall, although I haven’t used it except for testing it out once or twice. The Bat! (also with an exclamation point) is also supposed to be pretty good (and has regexp support, and scripting capabilities).