DreamHost Employees shocked visitors today!

People were shocked to hear about the DreamHost employees who dressed up like girls just for their stupid advertising campaign. Luckily for us its not 100% accurate…

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I don’t know how helpful (or nice) some of these forum soldiers are… go get some real honesty.

Boooooooost DreamHost Referrals!

Uhh, I hate to say this as it might make me appear dense, but I don’t get what you’re trying to say here, besides pointing me to your site?

I really don’t want to start another flame war, so I’ll just say that I’m confused by your post…

  1. The post makes it seem like you’re reacting to a blog post you found, but it’s actually your site that you’re referring to as “people” and not being 100% accurate.
  2. The links to the post are a little weird and don’t flow very well with either the topic or the sentence structure.
  3. I don’t understand what the statement about “forum soldiers” is all about, nor why you’ve got yet another link to the same link with text about honesty.

If I were a suspicious person, I’d suspect that it has something to do with SEO.

Sigh, maybe I should have just kept quiet, but I do hope you’re just having a good time and posted this in a drunken stupor. :slight_smile:

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What a low-life! A three sentence post promoting an “article” on your site (with two identical links) that copies “word for word” the whole DreamHost aboutus.html page (including the graphic), and sports a link that shows in the status bar as a link to elsewhere on your site but actually links to the DreamHost signup page, and set’s both the dreamhost.com “referred” and the “promo” cookies to your own referral code and your own promo code.

yeah… I know… “Copyright? Hey, it’s fair use!”… and “I’m just a loyal DreamHost customer trying to promote my favorite web hosting company”.

…and anyone who think your tactics are spammish and scummy is just a hater

…old, tired news.


quite funny… and it works to get me curious enough even I though you are quite ‘spamming’, aren’t u ?

Well, I love your tips though on mod_rewrite subject :wink:


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So, since you were (temp) banned from the wiki, you’ve decided to spam-advertise your crappy website here?

Awesome. What an AMAZING dude you are. Totally amazing!! :cool:

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Boooooooost DreamHost Referrals!

I like your content askapache, but to be honest… your methods at gaining sign-ups are unethical and leave much to be desired.

A Disillusioned DreamHost “Code Monster”