Dreamhost Emergency Status Page

Has anyone else noticed that it’s been down?

( http:status.dreamhost.com ) I can get into the panel but have not been able to access the status page to see if there are any host issues.

I am having issues with some of my sites timing out.

I’m not sure why, but http://dreamhoststatus.com/ is working just fine, but status.dreamhost.com won’t load. Not sure what’s up with that.

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I thought status.dreamhost.com was decommissioned…

There was a power outage in San Franciso that might have accounted for this. (Based on a quick lock, it seems like the emergency page is hosted in that part of SF.) It took down at least 1 data center, which ironically had posted a press release today touting 2 years of 100% uptime for one of its customers:


dreamhoststatus.com is the primary site. the status.dreamhost.com mirror was not updated when dreamhost status got upgraded to a new system. I had them put it back up as it seems some people are still using the old site address.