Dreamhost Email with scanner


Trying to set up our Visioneer 4000 scanner to automatically send scans via email (Dreamhost). I can not get it working. tried port 25 and 587.

Has anyone successfully done this? Not sure what I am doing wrong.



What are you using for “hostname” or " server address" or whatever the equipment prompts for the the server name?


It asks for the mail server name which I put as mail.mwoska.com (mwoska is the domain on dreamhost that we would be sending from). I do get an error on the scanner that says smtp server is wrong.


Does the scanner allow you to enter an IP address instead of server NAME?

If so, it seems that mail.mwoska.com is currently pointing to

If this works it probably should not be the final solution as the IP could change at anytime but it may give clues where to look next.