Dreamhost email on Windows Mobile V5

I’m not sure why I’m having difficulty setting dreamhost email up on my mobile phone, but it’s causing me some grief. Anybody have any luck on setting it up on Windows Mobile V5?

Everytime I try and check my email, it prompts me for my login/password and then doesn’t do anything.

I had the same problem before in outlook express. I’m not sure whether yours is same as mine.

Try to user full email address for the user name.

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I tried that…I also tried my mailbox number that dreamhost provides to you. I have it running on my Mac mail program, but I am unable to figure it out on my mobile phone. Any other suggestions??

no clue :frowning:

Have you tried to use IMAP server to receive emails?

What exploerer are you using in your mobile phone? Maybe the mail does not work well with your explorere or outlook express in your mobile.

If IMAP server does not solve the problem, I’ll suggest you to send a ticket to DH.

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I have a WM5 device, and use the Pocket Outlook for a couple of DH accounts.

I configured them for IMAP, not POP.

In the username block, I have my username@mydomain.com, and I manually entered the password and checked the box to save the password.

Incoming and outgoing mail servers are mail.mydomain.com.

Under Options for the mail servers, option screen 1 had nothing checked, on option screen 2 Outgoing mail requires authorization is checked, and on option screen 3 I set mine to Get full copy of messages, and only get attachments if smaller than 25KB.

I send and receive e-mail from these accounts on the handheld, almost daily.

Before trying to configure Pocket Outlook, I would make sure you can use the webmail interface to access those mailboxes, just to be sure you have the right password.