Dreamhost email blacklisted

I just tried to send an email to someone on craglist from my dreamhost mail account, and I got it bounced back saying that “mailbigip.dreamhost.com. is blacklisted.” Anyone else experience this? Is there any way for mail to come from another domain name than dreamhost when sending to avoid this?

you can try to use outlook express or similiar program to send the email

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I use outlook, and my mail servers are set as mail.mydomain.com. It appears as though all outgoing mail is actually sent by dreamhost’s domain though.

That problem comes and goes…depending upon the shims of various blacklists that either take issue with the DH servers are set up, reports from clueless users, or whatever (insert your reason-du-jour_here).

You can always configure your email client to use your ISP’s SMTP for sending…or not…that whole situation just sucks, and there is no easy fix. People hate spammer-scum so much they really don’t care how much legitimate email gets blocked trying to get the bastards off their servers. :frowning: