Dreamhost email and retention policy?


I’m a new DH user and I love DH ( that’s why i’m here :slight_smile:
My question is about dh email privacy - sure I’ve read dh privacy statement, but it doesn’t answer my questions (or at least I couldn’t get it):

  1. What is email privacy policy (DHPP)?
    DH privacy policy doesn’t protect my email from reading by dh employees.
    2.What is DH email retention policy? Again dh privacy policy doesn’t mention it.

Probably many of you guys heard about this Google email retention policy thing - they keep emails for up to 2 years for unknown reason. So after reading this I got kinda privacy-minded and thinking about migrating my email from yahoo/google/msn to some safer space. Since I’m a dh customer (and dh fan) I thought that since I got hosting here and pay money for it - it should be safest place for my email - right? Yes - these google/yahoo/msn email boxes are free and for dh you have to pay, but as usual - you get what you paid for :slight_smile:
But after reading DHPP I’m not sure that this decision is very wise - looks like they don’t care too much about it since it not their primary busyness.
I’d appreciate if somebody could give me either proper DHPP explanation or advice - how to keep my mail safe. Is DH a proper place for MY PRIVATE email (assuming I can set mx records of my personal domain from google/app to dh - I can get my mail on dh in 1 hour, but migrating my “legacy” email addressess from g/y/m would take months and it requires much more consideration).

What do you think, guys?

DH employee don’t have right to read your email if there is no technical reason to do so, and it must be kept private.

Now for data retention, after delete your emails, that’s a good question… what’s the laws say about that ?

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Yes - it SHOULD be this way, but in Google privacy policy we can read :
“No human reads your mail to target ads or other information without your consent.”

  • of course they don’t address any other possible reasons for reading, but DH doesn’t have even this little :slight_smile:
    I understand, that nobody wants to read my email (and I actually never had any secret info in my emails, but we’re talking about privacy policy - correct?