Dreamhost Email account setup in Outlook


When I set up my dreamhost email account on Outlook (Windows 10 Pro), I get a Sync Issues (This computer only) directory. In that directory, I have a message from myself with a subject line “Synchronization Log:” and the following message:

17:45:25 Synchronizer Version 16.0.11328.20314
17:45:25 Synchronizing Mailbox ‘myemailaddress@dreamhost.com’
17:45:25 Synchronizing Hierarchy
17:45:27 Error in folder 'Drafts’
17:45:27 [800CCCD2-0-0-733]
17:45:27 Terminated in error
17:45:27 [800CCCD2-0-0-733]

What does this mean? When I go to the webmail interface, above directory nor the message shows up.



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