DreamHost ecconmmy plan?


I first join DreamHost by recommendation from a friend, he told me that they have this amazing promotion code and great service. I’m just running a small esoteric programming group that really doesn’t have any means to make money on it’s own, so that plan was perfect for me. Since then dream host has basically multiplied storage space and bandwidth by 10. I am NO WHERE NEAR using that much space and bandwidth. In few months my plan expire, but I really don’t want to leave DreamHost. It’s just that 120 dollars a year is a bit pricey when I’m barely using 10% of whats provided. I was curious if DreamHost offered economy plans or at least could consider it.

-loyal Dreamer


This forum is mainly a customer to customer forum with dreamhost probably reading on a slack day.
Your best bet would be to contact them using their (now functioning) contact us link from their website.



You could allow your contacts to host their domains under your account, since there is no limit on domains. For a small fee that could cover all your costs on the crazy plan.

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I’ll second that - I’ve been giving away free plans cause the odds of me filling 75 users, 20GB, and 1TB of bandwidth are quite small.

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You say your site is small and esoteric, so I am not sure if the following applies to you, but have you tried a small DreamHost referral link on your site? One or two referrals each year could more than pay for your hosting costs.


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I think $9.95 per month is an economy plan. :slight_smile:

but like others have said, see if you can re-sell your hosting and reduce your costs that way.

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Any site with some traffic and a niche audience has potential to make some money e.g. with advertising or affiliate links.

What plan is best for you? Compare from this list and select the best plan