Dreamhost down?

About 10 minutes ago all my websites were down including Dreamhost.com

This was an isolated incident because I could surf to anywhere else on the web. As a new customer, I don’t find this to be good!

I saw that too, it wasn’t down for long, and as this forum is now loading, it’s obviusly back it.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen often at all, worry not. Often issues like this are put up on status.dreamhost.com which is hosted off network. This outagate seemed to be too short to merit a spot there… guess there was some kind of a upstream issue.


They had to restart one of their core routers to install another Global Crossing uplink.

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What about now? It’s down again… and status.dreamhost.com is not showing anything.

Well I was about it say it was fine for me at the moment, but my first attempt to reply timed out.

In response to the OP – it was around 10 min of downtime from my vantage point. And that’s after we started the day with multiple problems on our email machine/cluster.

… on to that “Welcome to DH – your email is farked” thread…


I would like status.dreamhost.com to have a log of downtime that lasts more than 5 minutes.

I am down too…Arggg.

Don’t hate me cause it’s Flash…

Submit your server as being down (from support). Also post a traceroute. I’m not having any problems here, it might a route aggregation problem.

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Very bizarre behavior.

On my site, certain images aren’t being downloaded to my browser.

I said it “WAS” down, and now it’s back up… Thus the reasoning for logging this information on the status.dreamhost.com site. I’m out…

Slauson has a load of 162.69 now 5min 161 15 min 133. not exponential but a nice increase. woot.

holy @@@@
[slauson] dgabler 5:00pm Thu ~>w
17:00:50 up 1:48, 3 users, load average: 324.04, 280.14, 208.50

I believe this is what you meant, post a traceroute here or to support? In anycase, here’s the traceroute and I’ve let support know…Thanks for the help!

Begin traceroute: Thu Jan 12 15:08:51 HST 2006

traceroute to ryannorthcott.com ( from malasada.lava.net (, 40 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 iiwi-fe-0-0-0.lava.net ( 0.501 ms 0.412 ms 0.401 ms
2 Serial2-10.GW1.HNL2.ALTER.NET ( 1.385 ms 0.895 ms 0.489 ms
3 165.at-6-0-0.XR1.HNL2.ALTER.NET ( 2.762 ms 0.992 ms 0.606 ms
4 182.at-2-0-0.XR1.SAC1.ALTER.NET ( 53.432 ms 52.769 ms 52.719 ms
5 0.so-0-0-0.XL1.SAC1.ALTER.NET ( 53.035 ms 53.859 ms 52.548 ms
6 POS6-0.BR6.SAC1.ALTER.NET ( 52.507 ms 52.840 ms 53.236 ms
7 ( 102.232 ms 56.327 ms 56.334 ms
8 so0-0-0-622M.ar1.LAX3.gblx.net ( 65.935 ms 65.099 ms 65.007 ms
9 GE1-GX.dreamhost.com ( 66.376 ms 67.854 ms 65.989 ms
10 basic-heavy.rupee.dreamhost.com ( 65.109 ms 74.952 ms 78.913 ms

End traceroute: Thu Jan 12 15:08:53 HST 2006

Don’t hate me cause it’s Flash…

We had some router problems for a bit while adding in a new uplink. It was a routine change and the problems were unexpected. We’re looking into it now to keep it from happening again.

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I’m back…

Don’t hate me cause it’s Flash…

all my sites are still down.
they’re on fritz-virgil and basiczoo-virgil, if that helps…

edit- never mind, they just came up :slight_smile:

You sites aren’t really down it’s just that they are unreachable via that route.

Anything on Global Crossing seems to be having problems. Users who are connecting via the Level3 uplinks are fine. So I wouldn’t be too worried about the downtime. The Level3 uplinks get the majority of the traffic.

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The panel is down, now. I can’t get to it. My hosts are up, though (yoda, nimitz). And I’m still getting spam (that dubiously useful indicator).