DreamHost down time worsen SIGNIFICANTLY?

DreamHost down time worsen SIGNIFICANTLY?

I have always been happy and proud of DreamHost’s near-perfect up time. Throughout the 3 years plus that I host ALL my websites (and all those of my clients), there were only a couple of more extended down time of 6 hours or more.

However, starting from like 3-4 months ago, I have come across dozens of short down time (mostly minutes). They have nothing to do with my ISP since other sites are working fine.

Anyone experienced the same? Is it just one of the machines that my domains are on or what? Thanks.

FYI: My domain websites are all on the server “apok”. Thanks.

P.S. I have actually experienced 2 (two) such short down time within 30 minutes of my last post.

[quote]P.S. I have actually experienced 2 (two) such short down
time within 30 minutes of my last post.


Eek. :expressionless:

I’m checking right now to see if there are any ongoing issues with apok… I’ll get back to you on it.

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It’s happening AGAIN at the moment we speak …

I’ve noticed that happening a few times on the machine I’m on too. (zebes)

Several times lately the sites gone down, or other times the mysql server is down totally breaking one of my sites. :\

I’m really happy with Dreamhost, but these random bursts of downtime are kind of annoying.

YES, I am experiencing the same with my server (soda). I was previously on a different server (slash) and it was bad there, too.

I’ve only been with DreamHost for a few months now, and although all the features blow away my previous host (pair Networks), pair blows away DH in terms of uptime and reliability - at least in the last several months I’ve been hosting here. I was with pair for 4 years and there was NEVER a problem with uptime.

It is quite frustrating and VERY annoying. I think you should do your best to get on top of this uptime problem, DH.


Hi everyone -

I checked with the Admin Team, and found out some info on these problematic servers.


The server itself (apok) hasn’t been going up and down a lot lately, as far as we can tell. The physical machine itself seems to be okay. If you could do a traceroute the next time things aren’t working correctly and post it to this thread, though, I’ll pass it on. It’s possible that the issue is network-related, but it’s hard to tell.


We’ve been experiencing load problems on Zebes, which we think are due to several sites overloading the server during peak times. One way we deal with this on the short term is to restart the Apache processes affected, which results in a few minutes of site downtime for anyone else’s sites hosted by that Apache process.

As a more long-term solution, we tend to move these higher resource using sites to other servers in order to smooth everything out. Sometimes it can be hard to find high-impact sites, though - especially if it’s an errant PHP script to blame (which doesn’t run as the user).


We believe that Soda has some hardware problems that we haven’t fully identified, and we will be replacing either the faulty hardware or the entire server itself shortly once we can pin-point the problem.

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Oh yeah, and another thing -

If the downtime any of you are experiencing is really bad, don’t hesitate to write into support and request to be moved to a different machine.

Sometimes problems will affect some machine users more heavily than others (depending on certain attributes of their account, which Apache serves their site, etc). If downtime is significantly impacting your business or site traffic, let support know (tell them to ask Jeff C if they have any questions about why you’re moving).

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Yet AGAIN my server (soda) is down:

gabeanderson.com Historical Uptime
Service Status 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month
http Down for 33 mins 4 secs. 94.2662% 94.9122% 97.952%

I have an open support request to be moved to a more stable server.

When I tried to access the Systems Status page on my control panel just now, this is what I got:

System uptime stats currently offline (how ironic!).

Yes, the “how ironic” comment is there included! LOL! I really like you guys.

yeah! click this.

I know at least one of the affected sites is on apok too

Very glad to see the remark from Jeff on requesting a move, this makes me feel a wee bit better

Man, these boards are starting to get active =o


Agree. It’s always nice to hear from Jeff, and it’s actually this that marks the difference between DreamHost and other hosting companies.

Generally, it’s been a bit better since I last posted. The ironic thing is whenever there’s a downtime, the System Status on the Control Panel is not accessible as well.

And I don’t know if I should be that demanding (user gabe actually got a weekly downtime of more than 3 hours over the last month), but may I ask if a 99.7218% monthly uptime something I could highly recommend to friends and clients (like I have always been doing)?

apok’s down again, for over 30 minutes. I’m getting real close to asking for a move :\

tired of ping and tracert and telnet etc… it’s been 35 minutes (I do have a life and things to do ;). It appears to be the exact same pattern of downtime that affected one of my sites on charm the other day:

http ftp telnet and ssh are all down/inaccessible yet I can ping it and trace it to Dreamhost. I’m no network wizard by any stretch of the imagination but is this a router’s dns table problem maybe?


[quote]"…may I ask if a 99.7218% monthly uptime something I could highly recommend to friends and clients…"


Sorry to chime in out of nowhere, but I’ve been following the recent rash of uptime complaints and I wanted to offer a “probably” in answer to your question.

I’ve looked around to see what kind of guarantees (or at least marketspeak) other webhosts have; There are plenty of hosts that seem to think 99.7%, 99.5%, or even 99% uptime are worth bragging about. I have found hosts offering a “guarantee” of 99.9% or even 99.99% uptime, but those hosts tend to cost anywhere between 2 and 20 (yes, 20) times as much as Dreamhost.

Personally, if 99.7% is accurate, I would call that pretty darned reliable–6 minutes a day isn’t bad. You can certainly hope for more, and the functional downtime (from your area of the Internet, at least) may be worse, but I’d say it’s pretty good for all but the most critical websites. If you need more, then you’ll have to be willing to pay more (a lot more, mostly likely).

Incidentally, I’m seeing 99.9% monthly and all time uptime for my server, balrog, and I haven’t personally caught it down (or heard complaints from my forum users) in months.

Also worth noting that mosts hosts’ definition of uptime tends to be “server responds to pings from our local network”, which may be very different from a normal users’ “I can see my site”. I like the fact that Dreamhost gives uptimes for each service–gives you an idea of when something’s just not working right, and when the server is actually down.

One thing: if the people having these problems are able to access their control panel, doesn’t that point to either a machine outage or some specific DNS-type glitch? Since both servers should be on the same network node, I’d imagine that a network outage would knock both out from the perspective of a user.

Thanks for your input here, Makosuke. I’ve come across hosts that guarantee 99.5% (the 99% ones are more kind of playing with words). I know that I might sound a bit too greedy, but DreamHost has been SOOOO good in the past that these frequent glitches make me uncomfortable.

You are also right in pointing out that like what happened this morning (I posted this on another thread) when ALL my domains were down but I was able to login to the Control Panel and wrote on this board as well. Did this actually prove that network connectivity was fine?

I envy your 99.9% uptime, like I USED TO have in the past 3 years :frowning:

P.S. Just learned that my monthly uptime for http has dropped to 99.6924%!! I don’t know if that is bad enough to request a move between machines as mentioned by Jeff.

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I was just reading through these messages about downtimes, and just wanted to mention that I could not even access dreamhost.com last night for about 4-5 hours straight. I as well could not access another site hosted by dreamhost.com.
Although, a frined of mine could access both his site and dreamhost.com. Is this a problem with my computer or the machine my accoutn is on?
Just wondering, I’m not blaming dreamhost or anything. I think they are a very good company.

In a case like this, it would be very helpful (to us) if you could send ping and traceroute results to support.

It’s extremely rare for an outage to last anywhere near that long, so my guess is that there was some sort of network problem that was causing this. The fact that dreamhost.com and another site we host were both down for the same amount of time makes this even more likely.

How about my case when ALL my domains were down but I was able to login to the Control Panel and wrote on this board as well. Did this actually prove that network connectivity was fine?

Alleged Cybersquatter - knows a thing or two about domain names


It depends - it’s possible that your sites were down; it’s also possible that your sites are hosted at a different location from dreamhost.com.

We’re going to be consolidating in the next month or so, so at that point, everything will be in one location.