Dreamhost Down Again?


Is Dreamhost down again?

Yesterday, when the outage was happening, my sites and services work. This afternoon, when they reported everything is fixed, now finds all my websites, ftp and mysql services down. I opened tickets with Dreamhost, and they reported that the ftp problem was verified and that the problem was resolved. But the problem still exists! So I opened another ticket with them, and now they aren’t tracking my ftp issue at all. I’m confused–if it’s broke, say it’s broke, and don’t tell me it’s fixed, if it ain’t.


Same problem!!! Trying to design and work on my websites on my spare time but its down. You guys working at dreamhost got to do some kind of payback to your upset customers!!![hr]
Damn it! just got email " Outage resolved: No server-wide problem was found." but ITS NOT WORKING!!!