Dreamhost domain with server


I inherited a project, and am very not experienced with Dreamhost. They have a domain they bought through Dreamhost, and I want that to point to the ip of the server I have at my home base.

I know this can be done with GoDaddy by pointing to the ip, and I would assume it is the same deal with this.


I’m assuming that your domain registration was purchased through DreamHost, but you are hosting the site elsewhere? In that case, this page in the knowledge base should help you. Read through that and let us know if you have any questions.


I want to move my domain from digital ocean to dream host. related to mcdvoice. How can i move… Digital ocean is tough as compared with Dream host.
My friend has suggested me to move this domain in dream host.
Can I Do With Filezilla and putty…

What are the steps to move. Can you give me the information with step by step guide?
I am waiting…


With DNS configuration in DH you can point a domain to any IP address. The site doesn’t need to be hosted at DH. You won’t have a full account here just because someone bought a domain. I believe registrar-only accounts have a smaller dashboard just for DNS. So you will probably continue to pay DH as the domain registrar, and use DH nameservers to point wherever the site actually is. You can change the registrar for a site but since this is a trivial service it doesn’t really matter which company is providing the service. So for example, I have domains registered under GoDaddy and PorkBun and their DNS includes a reference to the DH nameservers for sites hosted here.

I don’t know if someone is comparing apples to oranges here… Digital Ocean specializes in services that are exactly like DreamHost DreamCompute. So if you think that’s tough, then sure, you might want to use shared hosting with DH. But if you want to move from DO cloud hosting to DC, then you’re going to get the exact same experience. Honestly, because the DH wiki lacks a lot of detail, I often find answers to my DC questions at DO, and it’s 100% useful here.

You can use FileZilla (SFTP) and Putty (SSH) to access both shared space and DC servers.

BTW, @denzo234 that mcdvoice site looks scammy as hell.