Dreamhost doesn't move my disabled site to my new VPS server

Dreamhost doesn’t move my site modagrafya.com to my VPS server, they disabled it because of problems caused on the shared server due to it’s high traffic, then I enabled a VPS server. I told them to move modagrafya.com to this VPS, but not other domains, They moved all my domains except modagrafya.com (the only one I want for VPS), here is the photo as a proof.


Now I can’t acces to my blog, modagrafya.com, I lost all my blog posts, photos, articles and files for over 2 years.

Hello Sonat,

I apologize for the confusion with the VPS move. We try to answer all tickets within our 24 hour guarantee, I have sent your open tickets to a support manager to handle ASAP. The VPS sites will be corrected shortly, the only thing you are going to have to wait on is the DNS to update (that can take a few hours). Our support team will also be updating you by email, if you have any more questions please reply directly to that email so we can answer your questions quickly. Thank you for your patience in this matter, it is appreciated.

Matt C