Dreamhost DNS not working properly?


I have registered a new domain, kundanchhabra.us, and have updated the nameservers to be ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com. This information has already propagated as seen by http://www.whois.sc/kundanchhabra.us

And I can also check on dnsstuff.com, to see that my nameservers are indeed ns[1-3].dreamhost.com. The website dnsstuff.com reports that the name servers failed. This is funny because, I have other domains using DH nameservers. They work fine. So what’s different about a .us domain name?


I have the same problem with a domain I have pointed yesterday morning.

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Same problem here; I submitted a support request this morning, haven’t heard what’s up yet.


Looks as if that DNS database problem is still current. I too am waiting for a .co.uk to re-appear back into the land of the living.
I worry about all the spam I could be losing. :wink:



So this is common among the less common TLDs such as .us and co.uk? Or does it effect .com/.org/.net as well? Since I have .net and .com on DH, and it’s not effected.


I think the problem is more likely to cover all domains, but specifically to domains that are just now being pointed to the DreamHost nameservers. I have quite a number of existing domains (of all types) that a working just fine.

Simon Jessey
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No I think it is just a general DNS database problem. I actually moved a .com .org and .co.uk three days ago and they were fully functioning within a few hours. Quicker than I expected in fact.
It’ll be interesting to see if DNS caches get refreshed when …

Oh! my .co.uk just sprang to life and dnsreport acknowledges it is alive…more or less :slight_smile: