Dreamhost DNS not propogating?


I bought a domain (lemonworks.ca) and hosting at the same time with Dreamhost. Via FTP, I just added my files to my lemonworks.ca folder. The site still is not live though.

The domain DNS appears to be pointing to the right nameservers when I look at my account but after checking whatsmydns.com and putting in ‘lemonworks.ca’, it says there are no nameservers??

I have done this process before but have never done it on Dreamhost.

Any suggestions?


It looks like your domain name is registered here properly and you do have a hosting plan set up, you just need to set the domain to be hosted! Currently, you have told our web panel to manage only the DNS and registration. To add the domain to your hosting plan, go to your Manage Domains page:


Click “Edit” to the right of your domain (it currently just says “dns” above it), and set it to be Fully Hosted, which is the first set of options on the next page. It should be a blue button that says “Fully host this domain” right under the Google Apps icon.

Once you’ve made it fully hosted on the user you’ve created/chosen in those settings, you can connect with that user and make sure the files are in the right directory (also defined in the fully hosted settings).

Please note that it may take some time for the new records to propagate and for your site to be accessible from all networks.

Please contact Support here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg& if there is any other trouble!