Dreamhost difficulty curve

Dreamhost is looking mighty attractive, but something I am curious about is the difficulty curve when using Dreamhost (Getting around, etc.). I am not looking to do anything too advanced: Just purchase a domain, host it, make some file changes with Filezilla every now & then, maybe setup a database. I do not consider myself an ‘Advanced’ user, but certainly more ‘Advanced’ than the average PC user.

My question is pretty simple, how difficult is Dreamhost to use in general?

Dreamhost is really pretty easy and straightforward.

The people that complain are those that spent years before using cPanel™ and know just how to complete specific tasks using cPanel. The dreamhost panel is not cPanel, its instead a custom designed by dreamhost. My personal opinion (I’ve used both) is that the dreamhost panel is simpler and more straightforward than cPanel, but cPanel is ubiquitous at other hosts and those that are comfortable with it will initially argue that the dreamhost panel is so different. confusing, and complex(it’s not).

The real question is whether you’re coming from the windows world, or if you’re already in the linux world. Those are vastly different. Someone with only windows experience will find the learning curve at dreamhost far steeper.

In my opinion Dreamhost is easy to use. You can setup a domain and hosting in minutes. Creating a DB is straightforward as is access FTP.
Personally I would love to be able to customise the DH panel, i.e. to remove links to things I will never use or don’t pay for (e.g. VPS) and then the panel would be pretty perfect.