Dreamhost destroys my livelihood

Last Sunday a little after 4pm, my website disappeared. After 16 hours (and several
support requests) DH tech support finally contacted me. They said there were no files
in my directories anymore, and no trace (logs) of anything being deleted/moved.

Monday afternoon, they ran an automated robot script which restored 10 (text-only-versions) of my posts. My site had well over 1000 posts w/ 5000+ images.

It wasn’t like I was tweaking my site and accidentally wiped all the files out. For
some reason, THEY (dreamhost) wiped out my entire site. I know they do backups everyday. I need them to fully restore my site.

My website is my livelihood. This is a devastating loss.

What can I do? Any suggestions???

Please help!

I replied in your other post - https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-137113.html - your content is still there and it now displays correctly.

First, this forums really small enough there is no need for double posting.

The good news is that it’s looks like they have reinstalled something without a theme etc… What you are seeing tho when you click links for older posts are bad links… perhaps something a theme or plugin created. If you missing the point of that the good news is, they have connected to the database and if those posts are there, the others should be too, they just need to get sorted out what’s missing from the install.