Dreamhost deleted all sites in account!

all sites are down without any alerts before cancel!
just say "Customer agrees to not engage in activities pertaining to Black Hat SEO, Spamdexing, and so-called "Scraper sites."
but i have nothing of that. maybe some mistake have happend and some contetn was uploaded wrongly… Why not to ask to remove that?
i just have web-site like directory with google adsence and thats all off it!
i can you beleive before the cancelation thay send me a letter that my money that i gave them for next year is happily got!
that a shame!
p.s. and i talk to that situations on webhostinhtalk becouse you cant do that way and dont answer the tickets!

Just a web-site like directory eh?

If you broke the Terms of Service then it’s your own fault mate.

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and that a stupidity to turn-off the ssh access for putty?

That sounds like a reasonable and prudent security procedure to me. I don’t need a user with a disabled hosting account mucking about in the shell. Period.

–DreamHost Tech Support

so ok. i dont want to discusing about switching off ssh becouse you are doing good things - swearing to refund my card for $90 that i paid for next year hosting… that ok i think
pitty posts

thats ok. guys just refund me a card for my $90.
i would like to thank them anyway.
so i got to much i guess files where - over 150gb
to much maybe files… over 2-3 mln pages…
so i would better delete some things or buy private server
but they know better then me that to do… i guess so…
bye fellows

Are you still here? Heh, he wants his money back, but didn’t bother to read the Terms of Service he violated:

Financial Arrangements
#5 Violations of DreamHost’s Terms of Service or Spam Policy may, at DreamHost’s discretion, result in immediate and permanent disablement without refund.