Dreamhost dedicated + Woocommerce + W3 total cache + Cloudfare


I am using
Dreamhost dedicated + Woocommerce + W3 total cache + Cloudfare

Does anybody know what are the best W3 total cache settings ?

It seems that I should select DISK cache an not Xcache ? Can you confirm ?

A tutorial from a cache king who already knows what are the best settings would be great ! Thank you for your help.

Hi there

W3TC is quite complex to configure and as far as I know there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You may need to run experiments to see what works best for your site. Some other options for caching are described on DreamHost KB: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/214586538-WordPress-caching-options

hope this helps

Thank you, it seems that WP SUPER CACHE is better and easier ?

Like with everything, the answer is ‘it depends’ :slight_smile: There is no absolute answer to the question “which caching system is better for WordPress” like there is no absolute answer to questions like “which Linux distribution is better” or “which operating system is better”.

WP Super Cache is a fine product and it is one of the plugins recommended by DreamHost. If it will solve all your Woocommerce issues depends on your level of knowledge, your wp/woo setup and your type of traffic. If you haven’t used a caching solution, I would suggest you to read about the ones suggested in that article, install the one that you feel more comfortable with on a testing server, run your traffic tests and see how things behave. If you’re satisfied with the first results, good if not, try with another solution. With the benchmarking results in hands, you can ask on these forums more specific questions based on (almost)real-life behavior.