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As it is not easy to find information about Dreamhost dedicated server I have decided to start a thread and add to this page links to others threads about dedicated servers and everything else that can be useful to people who manage a dedicated @dreamhost.

Please tell us what you think about your dedicated, if it’s good or not, and if you can compare it to other dedicated servers offered by other hosts.


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Wow, you’ve done a lot of research! Might I suggest you also add this info to the wiki? In my experience, good information gets lost in the forums amid all the noise.

I will also report all the info I can find about dedicated servers here, and maybe later try to help the community with the wiki.[hr]
Is it possible to have MySql databases on your dedicated server ?

Yes, but it seems that the process is not automatic and a request must be made to copy your databases to your dedicated server.

I wonder if my websites will load faster when having Files and MySql on the same server rather than databases on a different VPS as before ?

+1 Get OP signed up on Wiki quick while he’s on a roll!

When the SQL network is running well, it technically should be faster.

The idea of separating the SQL is that the SQL servers have much, much, much faster disk drives. The offset to take into account regarding the speed is that they are on the network - which is also extremely fast - but queues and network issues might be a potential bottleneck. (Lots of maybes).

Hosting SQL locally requires extra server resources - which can be a show-stopper.

On a dedicated server, it’s normal to host SQL and other services on that server.

Thank you.

So it’s normal and also better than hosting SQL on a separate server ?


QUESTION: when I was using a VPS it happened sometimes that I was unable to restart the machine. Even when hitting REBOOT on Dreamhost panel the machine didn’t restart.

I wonder if this situation cannot happen anymore with a dedicated server ?

Also, there are 2 options: reboot and powercycle

Do you know why ? And what that powercycle means ?

I don’t know the setup for VPS. But as far as MySQL is concerned, I see no reason to run it on a separate server unless you are running a very high load, requiring two servers.

Powercycle is equivalent to turn off and on again.

They still haven’t updated that documentation on the site but it is automatic. We just added a DS for a clients account and all the databases were moved to it.

The only issue is you can’t move some of them. It’s basically an all in process.


First outage for April 2012 !

Dedicated down.

Let’s see how long it will take to repair…

Critical Announcement! Please Read!
We are looking into reports of downtime for some of our customers, that could be network related. We are aware of the issue and have our datacenter admins and networking admins checking it right now. We will update when we have more information.

You can keep updated at dreamhoststatus.com! (posted 15 mins 31 secs ago)

Add Pingdom checks to your site. I started tracking my shared account about a month ago and was quite surprised (and depressed) to see that my uptime is only ~99%.

So fast today !

It’s fixed already !

Monday morning’s outage was due to a DDoS attack. You can minimize those things, but you can’t guard against them 100%. Stuff happens. It’s a dangerous world out there.


But shared accounts still working…


We are currently experiencing issues with our Irvine datacenter. We have our network team looking into it and are working to get service restored as soon as possible. As soon as we have further information we will be updating this post.

You can keep updated at dreamhoststatus.com! (posted 3 mins 4 secs ago)

How is it possible that any host has to face so many outages ?

Nobody good enough in US to do a better job than people now working at Dreamhost ?


Up and down again… incredible…
I am wondering why they do not communicate about their problems ?

It makes me think that they do not know what is wrong !

Is it a hardware problem ? Staff problem ? What else ? But anyway problems always have solutions, but not at Dreamhost it seems…

6 hours later websites are still up and down and no more info from Dreamhost than usual http://www.dreamhoststatus.com

Sometimes feeling like Dreamhost is a third world company…

I found the information quite detailed as to the cause of the problem and the solution.

Yes but I don’t care the problem and the solution, I want they explain me why it happens EVERY WEEK and what they are REALLY doing to stop this.

And most of all I don’t want this to happen again.

I also want to know why they are a lot slower than before to reply support tickets ? More customers and less employees ? More tickets because their system doesn’t work well ? Or what else ?

The information there explained what happened and the steps they took to address the problem.

Tonight it’s the panel, but servers seems to work well…

Temporarily Unavailable
The web panel is temporarily unavailable while we perform maintenance on our database.

[Sources: people]

It’s up now. Or at least for me it was.