Dreamhost counter to count all hits? (not unique)

is it possible for the dreamhost counter to display all hits to my page instead of just unique hits (by IP address) ? i want it so if i refresh the page 5 times, the counter will go up by 5


According to the the web page cited elsewhere here as the source for the counter used by Dreamhost, there is an optional configuration that allows users to select reloads to be counted. This option must be turned on by the administrators.


I would very much like to see this option turned on and made available to the users, or perhaps an additional version of the CGI script that must be specifically selected to allow this.

Who can we ask about this?


I suppose you could pose the question to Dreamhost Support, but it hardly seems likely they would be interested in making a second version available since you can easily install your own version of this script (or any of a hundred others) yourself.

According to the web page you referenced in your post, you have everything you need to install your very own copy configured any way you want right in your own Dreamhost space. :slight_smile:


You tryin’ to make me learn how to do more stuff!?


Thanks… if DH support doesn’t bite on this suggestion, maybe I will.


Ha! Becoming empowered is a beautiful thing! :slight_smile: Once you install a few of these types of things, your confidence grows and you find a whole new world of “stuff you can do with your site” available for you to explore.

You should give it a try (it’s not as hard as it sounds!), and if you have problems you can’t sort, pop back into the forums for help (there is a pretty helpful bunch that hangs out here)! :wink: