Dreamhost Confusion


Hey currently I am hosted with a full plan with Dreamhost. However, I am wondering if I can register a new domain name and still be able to get a php sever just how my other domain name is set. If any one could help it would be greatly appreciated.


Do you want to host a completely different site or do you want duplicate content?

You can do either on your plan. You are allowed to host an unlimited number of domains and subdomains on all hosting plans at DreamHost.

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yea, what I am trying to do is drop the other domain name because i dont need it. But add this other one but be able to still have a php server for the new one.

So you just want “move” your site to a new domain name, right? What kind of web application are you running? Is it an off-the-shelf one or did you custom code it?

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sorry here i am going to explain better. The site i have now is currently up on the internet. My hosting plan is 1 year which i got in march and it includes a php sever all of the goodies and stuff. However, I have began to stop using that site. I am currently developing a new one and was wondering if i could change my url to a different name and could i delete the forums i have right now and re download for new site. Thanks Hope you can help

forums meaning the one through dreamhost click install phpbb


If I understand you correctly (and I am not sure that I do), the answer to your question is that you can host as many different domains on Dreamhost as you wish, under a single hosting plan and without any additional charge.

What this means to you is that you can quit using your current site, and simply create another entire new one on your existing account. There will be no additional fee for this, though you will have to pay the registration fee for any domains other than the one “free” domain included with every account.

If you simply abandon (do not renew) your current domain registration, then you will receive credit for one domain registered via DreamHost as long as you host with DreamHost. This allows you to use that “free” domain registration on your “new” domain, or another, after the free domain you are now using expires.

Finally, each of these sites that you can host under your account have their own PHP, shell, one-click goodies (phpbb forums, etc), etc. - all of DreamHosts available services just as your first one did.



You have answered this perfectly!

one more thing sorry,

I am trying to add a new user to manage users, and it doesn’t let me because once i get to where they ask me if i want an email i do want one. But the problem is the only options for the domain the email is for is no email or my old website. It doesn’t have my new website up yet. Also when trying to add a new data base name it wont allow me to do it to my new site. Only my old one. However, my site appears to be up because its under the registration option. Sorry I am being confusing


No problem, and I’m glad my first response was helpful. :slight_smile:

It sounds to me as though all the necessary set-up steps for your “new” domain are not yet completed. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have failed to do something; it could well be that some of the automated DH domain creation processes have not yet completed (they may be "backed up?)

My suggestion is to give it some time, and see if the problem persists. Also, make sure you are not navigating around the control panel using your browser’s “back” and “forward” keys/icons - always use a link on the page itself unless instructed otherwise to make sure your panel is displaying the “proper” state of your account (and not displaying “old” information) :wink: .

You could even try logging out of the Control Panel, and logging in again (which starts a new session, and “re-reads” all the panel data).

If all else fail, and none of the above tips help, it is probably time to contact support via the Support -> Contact Support screens in the panel and explain to them the problem you are having (something may be “borked” and need human intervention.) Good luck!


Aha! I just missed that line in my first response, so I have another possible (probable) solution for your issue.

Remember that registration and hosting are two different things! As they remind you when a new registration is completed, the act of registering a domain does not “automagically” arrange for it’s hosting, and hosting is required for email, site set-up, db access, one-clicks, etc. - in fact for everything other than registrations itself. If you did not do this, here is how you do it:

Go to the Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains screen and select “Add a Domain or subdomain”, and add the domain you just successfully registered. Complete and submit the form, and wait till you get the email indicating the domain is now hosted or you see the little “clock” icon is no longer next to the domain name when you visit the Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains screen.

Once that has happened, you may now upload you site, create email addresses for users, database, one-clicks ( installations, etc. You will still have to wait until DNS for the new domain has updated across the web to visit the site in your browser. This can take from a few minutes to several days, will vary from person to person and computer to computer, and you can’t really speed it up - just be patient.

If you really need or want to see the domain before the DNS is updated, you can follow the procedure described int this DreamHost Wiki article on viewing your site before DNS change is complete.

Good Luck!