Dreamhost compatibility issue?

Scribefire is suddenly incompatible with dreamhost. It uses an api to edit blogs remotely (wordpress xmlrpc.php).

I have checked the latest and previous versions of scribefire on multiple dreamhost wordpress blogs. I get this error “bad login/pass
combination” even though the logins are working fine when going through wordpress directly.

Scribefire is working fine another server - so i have to conclude that some server configuration setting must have changed about a week ago which has made dreamhost incompatible???

Any help appreciated
Kitt McGregor

I use the iPhone App, and it’s not working either. My error is:
Communication Error
Operation could not be completed (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 4)

Googling for that error string brings up several results, but I’ve not tried anything other than the mod_security fix, which didn’t work for me.


Seems like the xmlrpc.php file was corrupt
I replaced the file and now Scribefire is working.
Still not sure how or why this file on dreamhost worpress blogs got corrupted?

That’s apparently not the issue with me. At least yours working. Fortunately, I no longer rely on my iPhone App for posting. It was very handy when I was away from home for a week last year.