Dreamhost.com DNS zone troubles

At least the status and wiki sites (and this one) are up for now. Might make a dent on signups if the home page and panel don’t come back soon.


[quote]Dreamhost.com DNS zone troubles
Posted 2 minutes ago (February 22nd, 2007 at 1:08 am PST) by mikeh

The dreamhost.com DNS zone is currently having troubles, so most hostnames within this zone are not resolving. This shouldn’t have any effect on customer sites’ DNS, only central DreamHost services that use the dreamhost.com domain (wiki, panel, etc).

We’re looking into the cause and getting things fixed up.[/quote]

I first noticed this when panel.dreamhost.com went AWOL. Initially I thought the problem was due to my ISPs DNS servers, but changing DNS servers didn’t resolve the issue.


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