I am having some issue using my mac OS9, internet explorer and accessing dreamhost.com

for some bizzare reason when I go to www.dreamhost.com

I am getting a bunch of dedicated/dedicated/dedicated’s after the address and then, of course, a page not found.

a simple google showed nothing.

ahhh, also happens in mozilla. I used my bookmark and the first time I got to dreamhost.com, then I used the bookmark again, and got to dreamhost.com/dedicated

Now, to see if it happens in OSX. Anyone know why this is happening?

UPDATE: It happens in OSX on IE also…I also checked on my powerbook to see if it was maybe just this computer, but alas, no, it still happens on it.

It is okay in Firefox. Camino gave me an odd error when I first went to dreamhost.com

“Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are blocked.”

But when I went to dreamhost.com a second time on camino, it was just fine.???

blog.dreamhost.com mentions some web redirection loop wierdness…

thanks Chrisjj

They did fix it. All OSs are fine in all browsers now.