Dreamhost Cloaking Error?


I just bought a domain last night. At first when I tried to cloak, it said dreamhost cloaking error etc etc… and just now I tried a different link and it’s just blank. What’s the problem?

Thanks in advance.


If you view the page source you can see this:


Alice Song Portfolio [/code]

That means our cloaking is working as expected, but perhaps Dropbox doesn’t permit the iFrame? They say they do, but I wonder if it’s because of the spaces. I tried that code on a plain html page and got the same result. A scouring of dropbox’s forums show a bevy of dissatisfied people :frowning: I think it’s them.


The headers on the referenced page include:

Which blocks framing, and, hence, prevents cloaking from working. (The page is currently a Dropbox “no such file” error, also, which might be part of the problem.)


I tired it on a real file, and it comes up the same. How annoying that they turned that off.