Dreamhost chat support seems to be always down

The live chat have not been on ever since I have signed up a week ago.

I apologize for the inconvenience! I just checked and our Live Chat is currently up.


The Live Char button will be on the top. Let me know if you keep having issues, I’d be happy to help! Also, I noticed that you have an open ticket. I apologize for the delay in answering your ticket, it has not been forgotten! You will be getting a reply soon. I appreciate your patience.
Daniela J.
DreamHost Staff

Thank you for the reply.
But the live chat is is not working for me, see screenshot:

That message indicates that there is some sort of issue with your computer or Internet connection which is preventing you from reaching the Live Chat servers. We’d be more than happy to chat with you if you could only reach us!

Adblock plus, a firefox extension, was blocking it.

Wow, that’s an odd thing for them to block! What filter lists were you using?