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Dear DreamHost
I had hosting in DreamHost.They closed my account for hosting illegal files.But ,I didint sharing them not
acceptable.Now I know. I never upload them again. I want my hosting back. If i have a host again I will take from DreamHost. Because I like DreamHost really. I know they can do it. I am too sad. My parent angry with me. That money was my pocket money. I didnt eat, i collect that money. PLEASE i am in trouble. Maybe i am not right. It was my first try in hosting. I started with dreamhost. I belive my ADMIN can do it. Good days

i am writing from Turkey. I am sorry for my little and my terrible English.

You made an illegal mistake. Accept the consequences. Really, there are other hosts out there.


Well, you have to understand the legal perspective of the host. Once they’ve caught you with the illegal files, they really have no choice but to deactivate the account - permanently. If they reinstate and anything else is later found, it is the host who could be held financially liable. So not only are they protecting themselves, they’re protecting all the Dreamhost customers out there.

Now… It sounds like you may have learned a valuable lesson? You may not be able to apply what you’ve learned here, but there are many other hosting providers you can try out without making the same mistakes…

And jeez, be thankful no one wants to “make an example” out of your case. We’ve got people being fined close to $2 million dollars for sharing a few songs.

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Can you try it ? i am 16 years old. If I have money I will buy but I havent. I am learning illegal files etc. I didnt Know. I am sure DreamHost can open my account for 1 time. If i do it again close my account for unlimited. I am really in trouble. Can you help me. I am new in internet,hosting. you can support me for one time ???

Really, there are other hosts out there.


But I want resume with DreamHost. I like DreamHost’s customer support etc when i ask for something they allways helped me.


i want for one time. I will never do it. I am sure

I don’t work here; I’m just a customer. But they’re never going to give you access to your account. You broke the Terms of Service and the law. They are done with you for common sense and legal reasons.


are you sure i belive they can do it for only ONE TIME. but i didnt know sharing illegal files.But now know.

I am afraid that is what is going to be. That is what terms and conditions is for.

And we are customers here. We can’t help you to get your account back.

Now we’ve learned a lesson, we should make sure same mistake won’t happen again when you go for another hosting company.

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Okay I understand.Can I get my domain. ilkee.com i can acces it. and I want buy from dreamhost again ? Can I do it ?

I don’t think you understand. Or at least you haven’t read through the terms and conditions.


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How ? when i get my host dreamhost didnt take money from my domain. But now I want my domain. I have to take my domain They cant do it. Domain is mine. not theirs. i havent enough english to understand the licence. I want only my domain I will buy host from another hosting. But I need my domain.

Actually domain is never yours. Though you paid for your domain, it means you have the right to use the domain. Don’t forget that you always have to agree some terms and conditions when you register your domain with any domain registrar. They have the right to take back the domain if you break terms and conditions.

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Well, the OP can transfer the domain to another hosting company. It’s not like Dreamhost has confiscated the domain.

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The domain name is legally OP’s, and he can continue to use it elsewhere. When OP gets new hosting he can change the NAMESERVERS so the domain resolves to the new webhost or, better yet, transfer the domain name when creating an account at his next webhost.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Okay. What must i do to taking back my domain? In conrol panel I can’t acces my domain. I want to have my domain and I will buy host from another hosting. What will I write to Dreamhost ? Can you help me. This is my first internet/hosting experience.

Piracy is a bad idea.

okay. I dont want my hosting. I want only my domain. What must I do ? What will I write to dreamhost admin

You should be able to login to Panel and sort it out.

If not, use their contact form at http://dreamhost.com/contact.cgi

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Ilke, do the following:

  1. Find a new hosting service (one in your native language is good)

  2. Register account and pay for hosting.

  3. Apply your domain (ilkee.com) in that hosters webpanel, apply DNS to that domain, let it resolve and then when you got to your site again it will be back to normal.

However you will need your website files but these may be deleted/locked. So you might need to redesign your site.

Of course one needs their website files. They’re backed up, right? Right? Oh, nevermind. Nobody should depend on their provider to maintain backups. Should something bad happen, you should be self sufficient. It’s called disaster recovery.


Its always good to back up all of your files just in case something like this happens. Good Luck