Dreamhost bring me in condition to sucide

hello yesterday i got my account suspended and now dreamhost is not even replying my emails,they are just fully ignorin me, not even allowing me to take back up i have 1 working domain with them to…i never expected that dreamhost will do this…i worked hard for 4 years and brought my site upto this level but dreamhost have killed me ina min …i got a mail they said that im spamming by sending emails to person who are not registered in my site,if this is spam then i dont know what you call to real spam:( i just sent 1 email and dreamhos did this with me
i too know the main matter why dreamhost banned me anyways i dont wana say anythig more just wana tel u 1line
pls dont do this with any other guy as IT HURTS
am just 16 year old and i got a great shock and am in depresstion now…lets hope that i will get my account back or atlist database and domain

If you were booted for a TOS violation, I wouldn’t count on them giving you access to any files. You’re also not going to get quick replies since you’re not a customer… and will likely have to deal directly with the abuse department.

I’d also have a hard time believing your account was terminated for sending a single email. There has to be more to the story than that.

Also, if you’re only 16, you’re not even the actual customer as far as their TOS goes. It would be your parent or guardian. I’m not sure if that comes into play in this situation or not, as far as dealing directly with you.

Anyway, in general, it seems the best step to do once you’re booted is just to move on. And if you did more than you’re mentioning here, keep in mind that just about any host will boot you for spam or other TOS violations.

Otherwise, maybe send your questions to abuse instead of support… and be patient because they’ll take a while to get back to you.

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well im 16 years old but account is related to my dad…and yeh i didnt sent 1 email as quantity i mean to say i sent emails to my old site members to join my new site from another server…not from dreamhost and thats why dreamhost banned me
and what about the domain i had with dreamhost its working domain with nice traffic that is also down :frowning: how can i get domain back

Well… sending out bulk email to get people to join your site is spamming. You really don’t want to bulk email anyone that hasn’t specifically asked for it… through a double opt-in process.

Most likely, you didn’t get in trouble just for sending the mail… but because a large percentage of the people you sent it to considered it spam and reported it as such to Dreamhost. In that case, pretty much any host would terminate.

If you mean the mail was sent from non-DH servers, then that would make it look even more suspicious. That would basically be spamvertising your site, which is still spam related to your domain, regardless of where you sent it from. For example, if the recipients used spamcop.net to report it, it gives you the option to also report the site mentioned in the email, so those complaints still go to Dreamhost.

As far as the domain goes, that’s something you’d have to work out with Dreamhost. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll let you pay the registration fee, then let you transfer it.

One thing’s for sure: You’ll want to be nice and patient with them if you want any chance of cooperation. Threats, repeat requests, etc… will likely lead to them just leaving things as is.

In any case, whether they re-activate your account, or you host elsewhere, be sure to read and fully understand the TOS. They’re usually pretty specific when it comes to defining what they consider spam.

Hope that helps!

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ok :((((( i can just hope that dreamhost will reactivate my account:(

well this is really worst time of my life that dreamhost is giving me,i cant even back up my files?
no replies from dreamhost?
pls atlist let me get back up of my files via ftp and database

I’m sorry you are having a bad time right now, but you should understand that this is a customer-to-customer forum, and while DH staff sometimes visit, they rarely post here.

This is not the place to ask for the kind of help you need. You should send email to abuse@dreamhost.com, as seiler has already told you.

You should also understand that it is possible that DreamHost will not provide access to the files and/or database that you had on the server when your account was supended/terminated.

Backups are your responsibility, and that is clearly stated in the Terms Of Service.

I wish you every success in retrieving your files, but posting here about how sad you are is not likely to help. We can not do anything for you - you must deal with DreamHost, and if they will not respond to you, it is time for you to move on. Good luck!