DreamHost Billing (edited)

BEWARE: Signed up with these guys and they will make fraudulent charges to your card whenever they so feel.

Do not use them.

I’ve hosted at Dreamhost since 1998 - never had even an “error” in my billling, let alone a “fraudulent” charge. These kinds of “drive by” posts are less than useless, have no credibility, and are the best argument for only allowing registered users to post :wink:


Anonymous coward.

I’ve monitored these blog posts, threads, and reviews, and no one has accused DreamHost of this.

You’re a lying ass.

I’m sure getting called a fraud by a lying idiot will hurt their feelings and make them cry.

Another reason to disable anonymous posting. This clown never could have figured out how to register a name to post here.

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Competition much?

Any real customer would at least give a few details if anything like that did happen.

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Wow. This sort of retarded troll’s drivel doesn’t deserve the replies it has received.

Never had a billing issue with DreamHost - ever.

Gonna go vote for that disable anonymous postings suggestion now. :slight_smile:

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I tried to vote for disabling anonymous posting a couple times, but it wasn’t displaying as a suggestion :frowning:


Yeah - still hasn’t shown up. I submitted it a while ago, and a suggestion or two since – but I don’t think they’ve added anything in the last month or so. Not that it means they’re not reading and/or implementing suggestions… but I’d guess they’ve been busy lately.

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Ya think? :open_mouth: It’s really not a big deal, I suppose. Maybe Dreamhost actually benefits from responses to these kinds of threads (though I’ve generally thought it was better do let them “die” from lack of activity as opposed to leaving the “subject - tiltle” to propagate as the thread is responded to). Of course, one can always change the subject :wink:


From time to time some users will vent about legitimate hassles with some DH services. I typically just lurk and read them. In this case I want to join all of you in giving credit where credit is due. I’ve been a customer for more than 3 years, have never had a billing problem, and think DreamHost is the best I’ve ever used.


I am another customer who has never had a billing problem with DreamHost. Unlike one other particular host that I won’t name here.

Something definitely has to be done about the anonymous posting, it could help separate the genuine complaints from those (like the original post in this thread) that obviously have suspicious motivations.


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Okay I turned off guest posting for the ‘Curius about DreamHost?’ topic. I beleive that is the only board that had it active.

Cool! Thanks, Michael! At least someone will have to take the itme to register before posting, and I think that is reasonable.


Woo hoo!

Thanks for that!

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with ALMOST97 promo code (I get $1).
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[color=#00CC00]It’s amazing when current customers rush to defend their company, which from time to time has tech problems, because even customers who have some recent frustrations realize that their company is honest and does not overbill.

I’ve been with DreamHost for less than a year and my experience matches that of the grizzled veterans:

  1. Great and straightforward communication
  2. Lack of censorship
  3. Integrity in billing

The trolls in question are obviously representatives/owners of competing hosting companies that must assume such a libelous charge will spark controversy here because it is often thrown by their own customers at them (before their admins delete it from their threads).

Here, even customers who acknowledge DreamHost’s recent difficulties laugh at this libel.

The people who run this company do not have a reputation for billing incorrectly. Far from it. More, they’re the type of people who would fix it if it was pointed out to them.[/color]

I think it should be turned back on. Where will I know where to get my bodily enhancement chemical substances from now?

They were the only questions I could ever answer. :frowning:


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!