DreamHost being blocked by my email provider due to spamming issues

I have just spent a frustrating few hours trying to figure out why my email addresses on Dreamhost were not being forwarded properly. It turns out that dream host has been blocked from my email provider due to spamming issues. Once we finally tracked down the problem, I am advised that this needs to be addressed by Dreamhost. Here is the text I received.

Hello Paul,

As discussed, TELUS is currently blocking emails from dreamhost.com for spamming our customers.

They need to contact our Abuse team at abuse@telus.com, with a full list of their sending IPs, and (I would imagine) a promise that they will crack down on spam coming out of their domain. Or perhaps there needs to be some back-and-forth on that.

Kind regards,

TELUS Helpdesk
This mailbox is not being monitored. Please do not reply to this email.

Need help?


Please advise when Dreamhost will address this issue.

Open a ticket with that information. Just to let you know tho the email you will get back from the abuse team will tell you they will work on it, but have no timetable for resolution and will send you no further updates (not the exact wording, but just preparing you because it’s not a very customer service friendly wording). It’s important for you to open the ticket tho because that’s how the info gets to the team that needs to work on resolution.

Thanks very much. ticket just submitted