DreamHost backups and security?


I am running a very small website with very modest requirements. Up until last week, we were using a web service called BlueLayerHost. BLH was attacked by a hacker who not only infiltrated their system, but successfully made a request to the company that manages their physical servers to wipe out all the data and destroy all the backups.

I’ve learned my lesson and will be sure to keep my own backups from now on, but I want to feel more secure that my hosting service is also keeping secure backups. Can anyone tell me about security on DreamHost? Most important, do they archive backups offsite/offline? Do they own their own servers for shared hosting? Thank you.


I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that i have forwarded your question to the appropriate department. We will follow up with all the details soon! Thanks For your Patience.
Thanks for your patience, here is the information you requested regarding our backups. We make every effort to maintain backups of all customer data as a courtesy and convenience, however we do not guarantee its availability and it should never be the only copy of your data. It is important to always keep a local backup of your data because ultimately it is an investment of your money and time and should be treated accordingly.
As for the security of the backups, they are stored on a different set of secure servers, so they are unaffected when your actual files on the shared web server are hacked. And yes, we do own our shared machines. I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any more questions.


Thank you! That is very reassuring.