DreamHost Backup

My clients site was set to the root directory from the sub testing directory last night by my programmer. He had trouble and just loaded a backup and now the client and I have lost website files and what was the current database. Does DreamHost have a backup of this that they can reload?

This is very important, about to have a really angry client.

This is my businesses first time using DreamHost (over from Domains Priced Right) and the service and support, not to mention the load speed at DreamHost is BAD.

Just trying to find on DreamHost about backups, upgrading the database to improve speed and search along with the website brings nothing. And NO PHONE SUPPORT! WOW!

Glad this happened before we started our next BIG project.

Any knowledge would be much appreciated on the questions above.

Hi there bauhaus9,

I actually just emailed you! I’m sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with our support already. We do strive to answer all tickets within our 24-hour guarantee (though usually much sooner!), and we do offer phone support, if you request a callback. We offer LiveChat support as well! More about how to enable those, here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Premium_Support

If you have any questions regarding the email I sent you, please feel free to reply there directly. I’d be happy to help!

Don’t know if dreamhost was able to help you out with backups or if the missing information was really still there, but WOW!! you are trying to make your programmers mistake a dreamhost fault. You have also created some sort of imaginary Service Level Agreement based on assumption that “there must be a backup? right?”

Don’t get me wrong I’m critical of dreamhost from time to time, but in this case I’m critical of you trying to turn your programmers mistake into dreamhost didn’t do it’s job.

Understand what you purchased and the price you paid before creating imaginary expectations that include instant snapshot backups after every keystroke by a programmer/developer.

All the files might still be in the subdirectory - unless your “programmer” deleted it.