Dreamhost backup strategies

A quick search of the forums on backup strategy didn’t return anything, so I’m likely using the wrong terms :slight_smile:

In general, how are people backing up their production sites on Dreamhost? Not the web site of course but the content? Most of my data is being chunked into mySQL databases but some data is stored in the file system. Example is a genealogy app. My users are storing their genealogy data in the database, but scanned in documents are stored in the filesystem as .jpg or .png files.

Their data is important to them so they’re asking me about backups. The generic Dreamhost backup doesn’t seem dependable. I was thinking of using a simple export script on mySQL, then using dar to create and manage the backups. But that seems like it would make the Dreamhosters unhappy since dar loves cpu time. Then I’d have to download it to my computer to burn a DVD. That’s going to suck in terms of time (and potentially bandwidth). Plus, it’s not easy to restore.

What schemes are you using to backup your data?

The DreamHost Wiki is your friend.

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Sweet Petunia, that was obvious!