Dreamhost backup services



Under mySQL in Goodies, there is an option to restore a database, and on the next page it gives you a list of which backup to restore, based on how long ago the backup was made. Does this mean that Dreamhost does do regular backups of your databases and there isn’t a need to do your own via the phpMyAdmin export option?

Just trying to figure out what more I do need to do to maintain my Wordpress blog that is hosted here at Dreamhost. The blog is on a site here and that site gets backed up, and so does the database?

I hope someone can confirm this or clarify what is really going on.

Thank you!


Yes, dreamhost makes regular backups of both mysql and your regular files. It’s still a good idea to keep your own backups of everything. Not that I think it’s likely, but should dreamhost go under or something then you’ll still have a rescent copy of all your stuff regardless. So I definatly reccomend keeping regular backups of all your files.

There’s an article in the wiki called automatic backups that will walk you through the steps up setting up dreamhost and your windows machine to automaticaly create and downalod backups to your computer.



Thanks so much, mattail. This is exactly the answer i was hoping for. I love automated backups.