Dreamhost Backup Migrate Plugin

Taking backups is one thing but anyone with any disaster recovery experience will tell you that the RESTORE is the most important thing.

So what is the Dreamhost recommended Backup and Restore plugin.

I have tried paid and unpaid, I migrated a bunch of domains to Dreamhost, no issues backing them up on Hostgator but the restore to Dreamhost has been a NIGHTMARE.

Now I am trying to backup a Wordpress site that is on Dreamhost to restore to another domain on a different user account (same owner).

I have tried paid and unpaid plugins, but none of the plugins that do both backup and restore work.

Importing the database manually does not work because the PHPmyAdmin times out on the import and besides you never end up with a site that matches the original.

So I think it is time that Dreamhost did some work with ONE just ONE free backup and restore plugin that actually works.

Otherwise a move to Dreamhost may mean that you can never restore your site and so the moment there is a disaster you are ruined.

Alternatively, you could learn how to do a proper backup and restore on your own, independent of any plugins.

If this is something you anticipate dealing with, it is well worth your time to have that knowledge.

It took me a while to wrap my head around each of the steps, but once I learned them I can tell you this:

all of my sites and databases are backed up on a daily basis to more than one location
if something happened, I have multiple time-stamped backups to choose from
I can restore a Wordpress site to a new domain in under half an hour manually, and using one plugin to update URLS in the site (Velvetblues URL updater)…although if I did not have that plugin I could do the same thing manually running a query in mySQL

This knowledge is not dependant on DreamHost, or any plugins. If I moved to a new host I could set up the same backup system and restore using the same techniques.
Just took a bit of reading, asking questions and dinkering around

Thanks for a completely USELESS response, if you can’t answer someone’s question with a HELPFUL it is better you keep quiet.

I have no interests in how many multiple time-stamped backups you are taking and as I said it is the RESTORE that matters.

I am sure we can get you a badge of some sort for your ability to do something technical for the sake of it, perhaps next you could copy the files manually too, I mean why bother with a backup plugin at all?

You could backup to 43 separate locations but if the restore bombs out then there is not much point.

Look I am quite capable of doing this manually, it does not work.

You have obviously never moved a commercial site with 10,000+ pages or a site where every second costs money.

If you had any experience of IT where your job depended on it you would know that 30 minutes is completely unacceptable as a restore time and on such sites it would be more like 8 hours, why, because Dreamhost does not work.

It is not just big sites, small sites have issues too.

The issue here is one of Dreamhost reliability and compatibility.

Wordpress is an industry standard and Dreamhost has over 600,000 of them, so it needs to get behind ONE free plugin and make sure it is supported.

For me it is quite simple, if I can backup and restore a site promptly with just a few clicks from Hostgator to Hostmonster with no problems then I should be able to do the same with Dreamhost.

It is not as if doing it manually works anyway, PHMyadmin crashes.

I have tweaked the PHP.INI settings, nothing works, manual setup, free plugins, paid plugins.

At the end of the day this is an issue of competition, if the same hosting offering works on Hostgator and Hostmonster then it needs to work on Dreamhost.

The fact that Dreamhost support (which now takes at least 24 hours to reply to each reply to a ticket) don’t have ONE restore plugin they can recommend and support is an issue and that is the issue I raised.

sorry, I was not trying to go against you. I just thought to point out what has worked for me. Clearly you need something different. Good luck.

Sorry Adam, just got so frustrated. I ended up moving domain to Hostmonster, took less than 15 minutes with BackupBuddy, is a paid plugin but does not work with Dreamhost for some reason.

I have used numerous free plugins on other hosting but something in the Dreamhost config makes it crash.

I just think that DH need to get behind one free plugin that includes a restore function, I have BackupBuddy but not everyone has access to that.

BackupBuddy works on DreamHost for many people. Two things to keep in mind about it, it will never work on our PHP 5.2 (sorry :confused: ), and since we allow people to customize PHP, a lot of times any special configurations they make have funny results. I know you do have to upgrade PHP memory if you have a large site to backup, mind.

I’ve tried a lot of the free plugins for backups, but really they’re hard to make so that they meet enough people’s needs. Restores are even messier.

Ive used xcloner quite a few times with a 20gb site. Its easy, install wp on new server and xcloner on both and send it from server to server with ftp login info. Then go to some /xcloner page on your new host and fill in the new db info and voila!