DreamHost backup doesn't work

Has anyone ever had a problem with a backup that was created by DreamHost and restored by a DreamHost support tech person that didn’t work?

I use a wp theme “Zephyr” that was working great until I updated the theme. Then it still worked fine externally but I could not get access with Visual Composer. I spent about an hour with a tech guy with Zephyr who restored the previous version and it worked fine on his server but on mine the situation got worse - meaning everything is a mess and it is now dysfunctionally both on the back end and externally. He told me that it was a host problem.
I put in a support ticket with DreamHost and the tech guy restored a backup that was made 5 days ago (prior to any updates) but the back up did NOT work. That is what concerns me. I am not a developer and don’t know code which is why I bought them template. Am I naive to think that a backup is just that - something that will restore the site to how it was prior to updating plugins and themes?
I was passed along to a tech who knew WP (I thought that is what DH specialize in) and he found lots of errors in Mod Security and disabled it but it did not remedy anything. After reading about Mod Security, I understand that my site is now open to hackers and so not only didn’t it remedy the situation - it has caused another concern.
Any insights or recommendations for tech assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I’m not getting any responses and it has been 2 hours and I have no idea if the tech guy is still working on it or not. I’m on dreampress 2