DreamHost August Newsletter

Alright, who’s the stick-in-the-mud who thinks self-immolation is objectionable? Or doesn’t think that a picture of an African family isn’t downright hysterical? Well, somebody must have complained (wasn’t me, though) for DH to issue an apology about this August newsletter. Is it the heat?

(Can’t tell how ironic you are or are not being, so I won’t assume…)

See my post in Offtopic Discussion… I was going to complain, but they apologized before I got a chance. Yeah, the crudity toward the customer was dumb, and the self-immolation thing was just plain wrong.

…And I ain’t no stick-in-the-mud; I’ve been known to “work a little blue” when improv-ing… but the line that was crossed in this case should have been highly visible and easily avoidable.

Josh seems like a good guy in general, and we’re all capable of lapses in judgement. I just hope that from now on, the complete Happy DreamHost Fire Prevention Team will get a pre-emptory shot at all of the newsletters.