Dreamhost as MSP?

Newbie w/ DH unable to find answer on Wiki. I understand how to change the MX record of a DH-hosted domain in order to use an external MSP, but what do I do in the opposite case?

My domain is hosted by Network Solutions, and I have a few years left prepaid which I don’t want to throw away. How do I configure DH to receive email for a non-DH domain?

I understand that I can change my domain’s MX record to point to fltr-in2.mail.dreamhost.com, but surely I need to configure the system such that mail for user@external.com will be routed to my DH-hosted domain user@mydreamhost.com, no?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

None of my domains are registered with DreamHost, yet email works just fine. You shouldn’t have to do anything.

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That’s good news, but how do I configure this?

I understand about the MX records (which I change with my current registrar). On the DH site of things, do I simply add a domain through the control panel even though the domain is not hosted by DH?

This would be almost too simple to be true :wink:

There appears to be a misunderstanding here. In your first post you referred to a DH-hosted domain, so I assumed you meant that the domain requiring the email address was hosted with DreamHost.

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sorry 'bout confusion. Let me clarify:

I have a DH account. I also have a domain which is registered with Network Solutions (let me call it ns.com). I would like to point ns.com’s MX records to DH’s mail server, effectively using DH as ns.com’s email service provider.

Since DH is not ns.com’s registrar, I assume it wouldn’t know what to do with messages addressed to user@ns.com once they arrive at DH’s mail server.

To enable that message routing, I think I need some way of telling DH that I want these messages.

I have not seen a tool that allows to do that, except that I migth be able to add domain “ns.com” through DH’s control panel even though this domain’s DNS records are kept elsewhere.

Is this how it is done?

I have the feeling I make this more complicated than it is, but want to prevent screw-ups in the process. Your advise is very much appreciated.

The reason you want to keep “ns.com” at Netsol is because you have domain registration paid-up for a while, correct? That doesn’t stop you from using DreamHost for your hosting (and email). Just add the domain in the panel and login to Netsol to change your nameserver settings. That’s the same thing I do.

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Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]

Thank you.