Dreamhost as hosting for .it domains


Hi guys…

I’m actually a godaddy customer, but I have two needs that they can’t fulfill:

  • I need to handle .it domains someway, for my italian-domain customers.
  • I need a better hosting :wink:
    And also a replication of my 20 websites in another server, so if one is down I can move them with a dns swap.

I’m writing you to ask if someway, and if yes with wich one type of hosting account, I can accomplish that.
Of course I suppose to have the complete control of dns of the .it domain.

Thank you for any answer.


Hosting is no problem, but you will not be able to move .it domain registrations to DreamHost.

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Yes… I know that you don’t handle .it domains.

My question is more like…:
Will I be able to handle a “X” domain pointing the dns of the .it domain from the DNS panel of my italian (.it) registrar?

I just need to say that xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is “mydomain.it” where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the ip of my dreamhost hosting.

Am I wrong?


Login to your .it domain manager and check that you set your own NameServers.

If so, yes, you can direct them to Dreamhost.


Is this what you are looking for?

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There are actually a couple of ways of handling this. You’ve identified the harder way. :slight_smile: From our panels here at DH, we can just add hosting for domains that are registered elsewhere. This creates the virtual host entry in the Apache of our server (and sets a bunch of other things up). From our panel, we can get the IP address for our domain. With this info, you will be able to do exactly what you said above.

There is another, easier, way. One of the other things that happens when you add hosting via the DH panel is that the DH dns servers add the DNS entries for your domain. This means that they can serve as the DNS nameservers for your domain - providing info about email servers, server IP addresses, etc. This is what everyone else is alluding to. To do that, all you need to do is to set the nameservers for your domain at your registrar to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, and ns3.dreamhost.com. When you add your .it domain to your hosting account here at DH, everything will “just work”.

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Some Italian registrars disallow .it domains to be handled outside Italy and refuse to transfer them stating it’s government policy. They make it practically impossible for their customers by not issuing EPP codes (saying they don’t exist). I don’t know the scale or legality of this situation, but it’s been reported in quite a few places concerning .it domains.

DNS management thru the registrar is the way to go.